Compact One Row Pull-type Garden Planter by KATS Company


Great little one-row, pull-type planter for your garden. This is a plate type planter, and comes with the discs needed to plant carrots, sweet corn, popcorn, beans, peas, radishes, cucumbers, watermelons, lima beans, and more. To learn more about this planter and pricing, CLICK HERE.

KATS Company – Excellence in Excavating and More!

The Kats Company Crew,

Travis, Kevin, & Stuart

Excellence in Excavating – Decades of combined experience.

Kevin Binkley:  507-990-1375 Excavation

Kevin Staloch: (507) 951-8358 Hauling

Stuart Larson: 507-251-1024

Travis Larson 507- 202-3646

We move dirt and more!

  • dirt moving
  • land leveling
  • demolition
  • debris removal
  • driveways and culvert installation and repair
  • field and home tile installation and repair
  • footing / foundation digging
  • hauling
  • water ways
  • new construction
  • finish and rough grading
  • backfill
  • sand, gravel, and materials delivery
  • fence line and tree removal


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