Single Row Planters Ready to Go – More Coming Soon!

These single-row John Deere planters don’t stay around long. Call Kevin Binkley at 507-990-1375 today to get yours bought or reserved.

3 Single Row Planters by KATS

Just in case  you haven’t seen how these work, take a look at our video on the right side of this page. And, while you’re here, check out our other specialty products HERE.

KATS Company – Excellence in Excavating and More!

The Kats Company Crew,

Travis, Kevin, & Stuart

Excellence in Excavating – Decades of combined experience.

Travis Larson 507- 202-3646 Excavation

Kevin Staloch: (507) 951-8358 Hauling

Stuart Larson: 507-251-1024

We move dirt and more!

  • heavy hauling
  • dirt moving
  • land leveling
  • demolition
  • debris removal
  • driveways and culvert installation and repair
  • field and home tile installation and repair
  • footing / foundation digging
  • hauling
  • sewer / water line repair
  • new construction
  • finish and rough grading
  • directional drilling
  • backfill
  • sand, gravel, and materials delivery
  • fence line and tree removal
  • field drainage
  • manufacturing of specialty products


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